A Realistic Goal for Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

Today’s talk radio show on KPBS in San Francisco features a very candid interview with famous San Francisco actor and singer, Chrissy Metz. In this brief clip, we learn exactly what inspired the former performer to start losing weight in the first place, how her personal life was affected by weight issues, and even what kind of foods she likes to eat now. Learn what truly kick-started her weight loss plan in the first place, what kind of support system she has available (including her trainer), and how it certainly influenced her current weight loss plan is for the better.


Here’s what Chrissy Metz has actually said on the air about her weight-loss status now, and what she’s been able to accomplish since her unfortunate diagnosis of having osteoporosis several years ago. At first, she admitted that the prospect of losing so much weight was scary. She acknowledges that she ”couldn’t imagine living a normal life again” given her current situation. But she notes that she does, in fact, have a healthy lifestyle now that she is well into her weight loss plan. She notes that since her diagnosis, she’s added thirty pounds to her weight through a healthy diet and by participating in physical activities on a regular basis. She emphasizes that having a healthy lifestyle is far more important than the number of pounds that you may lose as an individual (she advises against counting calories or obsessing over nutrition), as she points out that some people ”trivialize” their bodies and put on unhealthy amounts of weight despite being healthy in general.

Describing her journey so far, she notes that she has lost both her desire for food and her desire to be thin. She credits this, in part, to the new perspective that she has taken on her own health, noting that she now realizes that even though her current diet is working, it is not addressing the issues that led to her diagnosis. In addition, she notes that while she is committed to keeping up her weight loss plan, she also intends to ”chew the bullet” and to take ”baby steps” in adding physical exercise to her day. While she notes that losing 100 pounds in a five months time is not the quickest route to weight loss, she is encouraged to remain on schedule and to keep a positive attitude.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

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